Mary Bisbee-Beek

Publicity & Marketing Consultant

Mary began a publishing career in 1979 in San Francisco and launched and directed Beeksbee Books, an independent publicity and marketing consulting office, 1992-2003 in St. Paul, MN.  In 2003 she joined the University of Michigan Press, where she was the Director of Publicity and Trade Marketing and Foreign Rights Manager. In 2008, she joined Literary Ventures Fund, where she worked as a marketing, publicity, and foreign rights consultant with various authors, agents, and publishers. During the summer of 2010, Mary and her husband, Randall Beek, relocated to Portland OR, and in the new Pacific Northwest location, they created a small company READ!  Mary also went back to working independently on publicity projects with discerning publishers, and with Randall, consults with publishing clients seeking help in the areas of book marketing and distribution. Mary also teaches in the Portland State University Publishing Program.  For more information email Mary or visit her website: